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Here are some of my latest creations.
Most of these are nursing clothing that I have sewn for myself. I apologize for the picture quality. I am hoping to buy a digital camera soon, but for now, these will have to do.

This is the bra I made for the sew-along. It is made from KS 2476. The style is billed as a sports bra. It has the basic cups, but the straps are self fabric and there is no back hook. It was much easier than I thought it would be to make. I am planning more in all sorts of colors!

This is a fleece hoodie made of mm microfleece. I started out with ELD 205 and used the overlay from Marg and a hood I enlarged from KSFT.
This is Nettie in the tunic length. I modified the overlay with marg so I didn't have to worry about the stripes. This fabric came from a swap with Lily.
This hoodie is made from Marg. I don't like the shoulders on me as well. It makes my shoulders look bigger than they are - they are big enough already! I got the fabric from Lily in a swap.
This sweat shirt is from ELD 205. I added an inch to the centerfront to accomidate the zipper. Again I used the Marg overlay.
I made this wrap top after Lily inspired me with her's. It is from a KS pattern. I bought the fabric at Walmart. I have enough for an a-line skirt to wear with it.
This is my johnny collar top. It is a crop top with extended armhole openings. I used a KS pattern for it.
This is my favorite nightie. I started with a vintage pattern - Deloris of St Paul. I bound the underarms with foldover elastic and used that for the straps and top binding too. It just pulls down for nursing.
This is an ELD 204 I made to wear to a shower for Ruthie. It was only 4 weeks after she was born. I think this is a very forgiving style. For the skirt I just used 2 rectangles instead of the pattern pieces.
This is my favorite 204. I made it last summer. It was so great to wear when I just didn't want to wear shorts or capris. Again, the skirt is just 2 rectangles. The fabric is jersey from PT and I added a patch from a drapery fabric for an accent. The overlay is sewn on from the inside and I used Linda's instructions for binding the neck.
These are some jammies that I made to wear for after Ruthie was born. I used the Marg pattern. The sleeves and pants are a stars and moon jersey from PT. I used the pattern's nursing opening for this - a big v. It is too big in my opinion and after these have used just a center slit for the opening.
Here is a photo of ELD 203. I made this a few years ago - I have another photo somewhere where you can see it a little better. I patterned it after MW skimmer. The skirt is pleated, not gathered. I just cut two rectangles. It is a cotton lycra from WM $1 table. I finished the neck with foldover elastic - it was my first time doing this. I also knit the sweater Margaret is wearing.
This is Jeff's Grandma Bert with the mini quilt I made for her apartment door. It says, "Welcome to Bert's Place." The 4 border pieces say, "Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother and Friend." This was my first project with my embroidery machine.
These are the pajamas I made for everyone fo Christmas. Jeff is a big Chiefs fan. I think I have the only nursing accessible Cheif's shirt in existence!